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2020 Top 5 Comfy, Cozy, Classic Gifts

In thinking about new trends, the amount of people working from home now, and the cooler weather approaching, I wanted to put together a quick list of my favorite ideas that would be perfect for the gal that likes to stay warm, comfortable, but at the same time, continue to look put together and chic. These are great gifts since most styles are fluid when it comes to sizing and everyone loves to snuggle up in a good outfit!

Below are some of my favorite items, but be sure to check out more ideas at

I love this piece for several reasons. It is very versatile, it will fit anyone, you can dress it up or down and it goes with anything. Its warm, cozy and comfortable, and has a classy flare to it so that even if you are wearing leggings, ripped jeans or jogger pants, this will keep you warm but still feeling pretty. It is a great gift for anyone!

I own a pair of these pants and love them. They go with everything and are super comfortable. They come in a bunch of versions, slim ankle, wide leg, and more. I personally like the ankle length since I usually find the full length a bit too long, and since this is for comfort, I definitely don't want to have to wear heels with it! This version I chose in the picture has a bit of slouch look, but it also has some structure so it doesn't look sloppy in any way. The pant material has a just the right amount of stretch to it so it is easy and comfy in any position, whether on the couch, at the desk, or walking around. Plus, I love pockets! A great gift for yourself or anyone else!

I love these in any color but my favorite is the black, it goes with everything, doesn't show dirt as much and is a little more sophisticated looking. They are wide and slip on, similar to a slipper, so they are super comfortable and easy to put on in a rush or just slide into when your feet are a bit chilly. The insides are fuzzy and cozy and made with shearling, plus, the footbed molds to your feet so you have great support! Added bonus is that they are made with minimal environmental impact and reusable materials. I highly recommend this as gift for yourself or someone else, it is a great staple in chilly weather and you can wear them anytime, with anything!

This luxurious wool blend cape is always in fashion as it is a classic staple to any wardrobe. Its easy to wear and my favorite part is that it can go over any sweater, shirt or dress. I usually find jackets and coats cumbersome if I have wide sleeves or a bulky sweater, with this cape, it gives enough room and flexibility to be cozy over anything. It is also great since you can dress it up or down, and it will add a little flare and fashion to any outfit. A lovely gift for anyone at any size.

I love this sweater for its perfect length, its perfect weight/thickness and its perfect neckline. Plus the sleeves are awesome! However, the best thing about this (and all of Vince cashmere) is the quality and softness. I have several Vince sweaters and they are amazingly durable, and I feel they are worth the price. This particular sweater comes in cream and black, both great, classic colors that go with anything. It is a warm sweater, and you can dress it up or down. Since it is not form fitting, its an easy guess on the size if its a gift or for yourself!

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