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The Gifter Favorites

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

At The Gifter, the products we choose are based on things we have, things our friends have, and things we want. We are familiar with all of the retailers and trust their quality. However, we do have some favorites :)

Below are a few of my own favorites, based on products that I personally own.

THE EUFY: 4.5 Stars on Amazon with over 25,000 reviews. Retails at ~ $160.

This robotic vacuum was a gift from my husband and while you might say that is a bad joke, but it was a great gift since it wasn't for a special occasion. It's not like he bought it for me for my birthday or our anniversary, it just showed up one day and he said "I saw this and thought you might enjoy it". He knows that I am a bit of a neat freak, but hate having to get the big vacuum cleaner out of the closet more than once a week. With two kids and a black labrador, our kitchen/family room area gets an enormous amount of traffic, which brings in tons of dirt, mess and dog hair.

This little gadget sits docked under a desk in the kitchen. It is small and out of site, and whenever the floor starts to look a little gross, I turn it on with the remote control and it runs all around, sucking up hair, spills, dirt and whatever else. It is great on both the carpet and the wood floor and gets in all the nitty gritty places...around chairs, under tables, the small area by the molding and bottom cabinets, and more. It can go from room to room, but it knows not to down a step. It can turn easily to move around things and change direction, and of course, it picks up a ton of stuff. It is easy to empty, and goes back to its docking station on its own. Usually we just let it wander around but sometimes we steer it towards a specific spill, you can make it go where you want with the easy touch of the remote control. The battery is great and and it is very quiet. All in all, it was a great gift, I am glad I got it and I definitely recommend it to anyone!


I got this towel for myself a few years ago and loved it so much I bought a 3 more, one for each family member, in different colors. I still have them and they have held up very well. I love several things about them...great quality, absorbent, very good looking, a nice large size and light weight. They wash well and are actually big enough to use as a small beach blanket. It great on the sand to sit a few people or when the wind picks up on the beach and you get a little chilly you can lay it over your lap. it is a great gift for anyone who loves the beach, or the beachy style. It will also go well inside as a bath towel, especially for the large and tall types!

TECHNICS TURNTABLE: 4.5 Stars on Amazon with over 1,100 reviews. Retails at ~ $150.

I got my husband this for Christmas last year. He actually did all of the research and asked for this specific one. We have had it almost a year and use it all of the time. It is hooked up to our speaker system via bluetooth (comes with wireless capability) and the sound is amazing. It is easy to use and easy to set up. It is sleek looking, yet retro, and fits well with the decor in our living room.

In the time we have has it, it has never skipped and has yet to scratch even when we are dancing close by! A great gift for anyone who loves the old style or just good old fashioned music!


We have several pairs of these, in all different types, heights, colors and sizes. Both my children are on the crew team and the regattas get cold and very wet. These are great for keeping dry, I can literally stand at the river's edge, immersed in water up to my mid calf for hours and never get a drop of moisture in my boot. They also keep warm if you have a good pair of thick socks (you can also buy an fleece insert to keep extra cozy) and they are very comfortable. We stand for hours at a time and these actually have good support and keep your back from aching. I happen to have very wide calves so I choose the extra width ones, my son and husband chose the shorter ones, and my daughter has the narrower, higher ones. They truly have any style and size, plus they are good looking and have a nice traditional flare to them. They are a great gift for anyone who spends time outdoors, they are great for snow, rain, mud, you name it!


We have several of these in the house, but they were all gifts so I am not 100% sure where they came from, but there is a huge selection on Amazon. You can't go wrong with a YETI, I am honestly amazed at how much better this brand is than any of the other types of insulated containers. I will fill it up with ice water before I go to bed at night and the ice will still be there in the morning! I will fill it up with coffee in the morning, and it is still hot hours later. You can get it in tons of colors and tons of types of prints, monograms or even logo and pictures. I love that we have several, I always know which one is mine, and I use it every day. Everyone in the family uses theirs and it was a great gift to get! I highly recommend it for any occasion and for anyone!

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations, be sure to check out all of our other gift guides throughout the site at

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