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Top Gift Ideas for Your Guy

Need a gift for your husband, dad, boyfriend, son, or any other guy? Below are some great gift options and ideas for any and all types of men.

TOOLS: Tools are always a man's best friend. You can't go wrong with it because even if they have something similar, they always want more. Below are some of my favorite finds.

A reasonably priced gift and very useful. It is unique and every guy (or gal) will get a ton of use out of it. It is one of those things people will never buy for themselves but love to get them. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

There are few different types of tool sets you can buy, I particularly like this one since it was highly rated and comes with all the fundamentals, plus a drill. You really don't need more than this unless you are a die hard fixer-upper, and even then, this will be sure to come in handy. I also like that it comes in a compact case and you can store your tools safely and neatly. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

This is a super handy item that most men don't have but would love to own. It is very useful and helpful for any job where you need nails (and let's face it, that is most jobs!) This wrist band it magnetic and allows you store a bunch of nails at easy reach for when you are hammering or drilling. I know that I usually see my husband with them in his pockets or even worse, in his mouth! This is a great gift! CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


TECHY TOYS: Here are some great gift ideas for any guy that likes to have fun with gadgets and toys. They will love to open these as gifts since most of the time it is something they always wanted and can't wait to share and brag with friends!

There are a lot of different drones on the market, this one has the best value with the best reviews. There is a TON of cool stuff with this drone, Camera, Auto Return Home, Follow Me, 26 minutes flight time, long range control, foldable, and more. An amazing gift! CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Amazing quality at a good price. Great reviews and great functionality. This 3D printer is easy to use, and is fast producing. Any guy would love to spend hours tinkering with it and building all sorts of cool stuff!, An amazing gift. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

This is one of those gifs that he will be amazed to open. It is great for any guy who loves to game and loves technology. This is a new generation model so it has been updated based on feedback and kinks. He will love to play with his friends and family. A gift a lot can enjoy! CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


EASY APPAREL: Apparel can be tricky if you aren't confident on his style or size, but here are a few suggestions where you can't really go wrong, they will look on anyone and have a comfortable, relaxed fit so the size doesn't have to be as exact as a waist or inseam size.

The picture here (first) shows it with something under it but it is indeed a sleeveless top which I love since it makes it more versatile and comfortable. You can layer it with something under or over it, or not at all. It is a great hoodie for working out, running or any other activity (or no activity at all!) Flexible and breathable, and has a more relaxed fit, especially in the arms, and a great gift for him! CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

This is a great gift for any guy who likes a casual yet trendy vibe. Fully reversible, diamond-quilted cotton on one side flips to reveal their Aleutian Coast pattern — a dusty, multicolored fabric inspired by Alaska’s Native art and weavings. Made with 100% organic cotton and lightly insulated, it’s a fun, versatile piece with plenty of options for styling and a true all-season favorite. A great gift for any guy with a flare for style and comfort. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

A fresh take on athleisure and a good staple for any guy's wardrobe, the Sunday Performance Joggers are premier in fit, function and soft stretch. The shorter inseam will keep him moving with less bulk around your ankles; these joggers offer equal parts of style and comfort. Great for running, traveling and chilling. Comes in several colors. A great gift for him! CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


CLASSIC ACCESSORIES: Accessories are always a great gift, they can vary on style, price or type, but you need to get the right one for the right guy. Here are a few ideas to get you started, but you can always find more options at

This 8oz flask is handsome and well crafted for cold days watching the game in the stands or by the fire pit camping. Fill it before gifting it as an added bonus, pair it with a bottle of their favorite bourbon or whatever their poison may be! A great gift for any holiday or occasion. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

A timeless piece that he can keep forever. A classic gift from one of the best companies in the world. Made of sterling silver with embossed logo, this is a special gift for any guy who doesn't carry around a wallet but seems to always have loose cards and cash in his pocket. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

This Johnston of Elgin Scarf is woven from the finest cashmere. Woven from the finest of cashmere fibres, this luxurious Plain Granite Cashmere Scarf is renowned for its extreme softness, warmth and lustrous quality, making it the perfect accessory for every occasion. A handsome and warm gift for any guy! CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

I hope you found these ideas helpful! For more ideas for the men in your life, be sure to check these other gift guides

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