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Train & Table Set
Train & Table Set

This sturdy wooden train set will ignite your mini's imagination. The numerous accessories provided, from the fire station to the hospital and their complementary fixtures, your mini will have so much fun and endless entertainment, as they familiarize themselves with common professions and urban features through dramatic play. Besides, building their dream town and connecting train tracks will also help them strengthen their fine motor skills. The sturdy wooden toy train track pieces can be arranged in 3 different ways to create a variety of track courses. While all of the toy train pieces provided are perfect for playing with on the wooden playing table that comes with them, the 85 pieces provided can also be played with alongside other train toys that your mini already owns. Table height is 15 inches. Includes:
1 Fire station building
2 Firemen
1 Hospital building
2 Doctors
Railroad crossing
1 Ambulance
1 Fire engine
2 Helicopters
1 wooden toy train with attachable cart
Greenery (trees & bushes)
Road Signs
1 Bridge

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